Building a business, marketing it, managing it, and making it successful is a challenging journey with many twists and turns. Our mission is to provide you with services and guidance to help make your vision a reality. Whether you need logo design, website development, marketing help or general business advice, we will work with you to make your business stand out. At Kilohana Consulting, we believe excellent work is created by working together. We are passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and businesses in Maui, Hawaii, and beyond to reach their full potential.

LOGO Design

A logo is like the cover of a book. Your logo is a visual representation of your business and an essential part of your brand. It is important to take the time and care to make sure you absolutely love the design of your logo because it is going to be on all of your branded materials. Kilohana will work with you to design a clean, professional and unique logo that will make your business stand out.

Website Design


A well-designed website is the most important marketing tool for a successful business. It is often the first thing your potential customers will see, and that is why it is important to make a good first impression. Not only does your website needs to be beautiful, but it also needs to be user-friendly, efficient and genuine. Moreover, we believes that it is important to empower you the business owner to take control of your own website by providing you with the tools and knowledge to do so. Kilohana will work with you to design a website that captures your vision, highlight your business, and effectively reach your target customers.